Sulphur Remelter

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The name Wesure is an acronym taken from WEstern SUlphur REmelter.

The origins of the company are based on the philosophy of providing high quality, unique solutions that will stand the test of time and use. This was case with the sulphur remelter.

Sulphur is the tenth most common element on earth and is a by-product of gas production. Since the world supply of elemental sulphur exceeds demand, it is frequently stored on site in solid form until there is a demand for it and stockpiles of solid Sulphur are located in widespread locations. In order to get sulphur to market in a usable form, it needs to be converted back to a liquid.

The challenge was to create a movable system that could facilitate the remelting of these solid sulphur stockpiles. Wesure designed and created just such a device now known as the Ellithorpe Remelter. The same ingenuity and attention to detail that went into original the sulphur remelter are still standards at Wesure that continue today. With design, creativity, and durability; some of the original remelters are still in use today.

Sulphur Remelter Specifications

Sulphur Remelter

The Sulphur Remelter can attain a reclamation rate of .84 long tons per hour per foot of block height in normally clean sulphur. Steam requirements are approximately 225 lbs per ton of sulphur melted. Electrical requirements are 50 K.V.A. to operate the mechanical, hydraulic, lights and automatic controls. Minimal training is required for personnel. Usually one person per shift is adequate.

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