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    Structural Support Systems

    More than just our pre-engineered steel support columns, Wesure is dedicated to providing the construction industry with structural support solutions with steel beams, custom hangers, connecting plates and more.

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    Metal Fabrication

    Wesure's talented team can assist you in realizing results for the specialized needs of many industries with practical applications in steel; from straight forward to complex custom work.

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    Sulphur Remelters

    Helping to form the basis for Wesure's very name. These highly specialized machines established Wesure's reputation for innovation, quality, and willingness to tackle unique projects with a "can do" spirit that has defined the company.

D&B Lumber

"Any good long-term relationship is built upon service and trust; both are present at Wesure Support Systems. We have enjoyed our ongoing relationship with Wesure and expect it to last."

- Doug Rausch, General Manager

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